Live the Dream

SHAGBAGG is a brand inspired by a love for the 1960s, designed for today! We manufacture plush cotton shag into luxurious products, with all items being handcrafted in Los Angeles

 SHAGBAGG was a concept that first came to designer Nicola Angelos in a dream while attending fashion design school in Miami, Florida. It was one of those Dali moments between awake and asleep that she envisioned a shaggy bag, which she believes intuitively stemmed from her love of the 1960s. For her, the '60s embodied an era of truth. People were very much fighting for the same objectives they are today--peace, freedom, equality, and justice. Nicola was also drawn to the music, culture, and style of the 1960s like a magnet. From there, she found herself moving to Los Angeles to work for a friend who was building a locally made brand.

"I learned from experience; my way around the Downtown L.A. Fashion District--who I needed to meet in order to do what," she says. Ultimately, this was building her brand--from ordering fabric, learning the dye process, to sourcing hardware, and how to get it manufactured. "I take pride that all of our products made in L.A.," says Nicola.

Today, our inspiration is found from a time when peace, love, and fighting for what you believed in was what crucially molded this era. We want to give you a modern twist of something that was a vibrant part of that period. Whether you lived through that time, or lived after that time, we want to give you a sense of freedom to express yourself, and to lend that gift to others through the sense of touch.  

You won't go unnoticed with these SHAGGY products unlike any others, you'll #GetShagged!