Guest Blog: SHAGBAGG + TieDye Queen = The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

July 15, 2019 1 Comment

Guest Blog: SHAGBAGG + TieDye Queen = The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Noah Newton the Tiedye Queen has taken the tie-dye scene by storm. Her talent is limitless and we are #obsessed with everything she touches. She has truly made all of our rainbow dreams come true! Her art is not only beautiful and captivating but it transcends you somewhere else...almost out of this world!

Get ready to go on a digital journey through all the colors and all the feels...

How did you choose ART as a career?
I have always had a passion for art. I knew from early on (pre-school to be exact) that I wanted to be an artist. It was 100% my niche, I always loved colors and creativity and I was always a natural entrepreneur without even realizing it. I began selling hand crocheted bracelets in the third grade. I fell in love with the different colors, designs, and details...and my passion shined. In 2009, my Sophomore year of High School, I knew that no matter what, I wanted to share my art with the world and I wanted to work for myself.
She turned her dreams into reality as her passion for art paired with her entrepreneurial spirit flowed organically into her career. 
How did you choose Tie-Dye?
I grew up around a hippie scene, growing up in that culture was such a huge influence...I loved it. It always inspired me and made me feel happy. I started tie-dying in High School. I used a Wal-Mart kit and it just came out so perfectly, I realized very quickly that I had something special. No matter what colors or designs I tried, it was always beautiful. I love that there are no rules and you get to express yourself through the art. It's such a rush because you never know what you are going to get. It's a surprise every time and it's addicting, it's a feeling like Christmas Morning -- opening a present and not knowing what's inside. It's so fulfilling to me to get that sensation every time!
Who is someone that has inspired you and your work?
Lisa Frank is the rainbow-esque realm that I constantly want to live in. I have
had so many of those velvet coloring boards.
What is the most unique item you’ve ever tie dyed?
I just recently did a very challenging butterfly tapestry, I wasn't sure if it was going to work but it was such an amazing success!
How did you get involved with SHAG BAGG?
I was on Instagram one day and I hit my explore page, I was going though the images and all of a sudden I saw the bubble gum color SHAG BAGG. The texture, chic-ness, colors, everything was such a vibe. I reached out on Instagram and asked Nicola if she wanted me to dye some samples. I was so in love with the SHAG from the beginning and just had to be a part of it. Nicola and I met in person over a year ago – it was just such an unexplainable perfect fit.
What do you love the most about the SHAG products?

I love everything about the SHAG because it’s so unique and it’s obviously not made in a corporation. It has such a presence, it makes you feel things, it gives you such a sensation, and keeps you living in the in the ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) world. It takes my breath away.

What is your favorite pattern you've done on SHAG?
Of course the rainbows, all the different colors with the texture it’s just so satisfying and it flows.
What is your dream SHAG BAGG + TieDye Queen Collaboration?
I would LOVE to do a Poncho because you don’t see ponchos made anymore and it’s the perfect thing to have if you’re going to the beach or to a festival. It could be multi-functional use it to stay warm or use it as a beach

Thank you so much Noah for all you do to make SHAG BAGG even more magical. You inspire us and we can't wait to see what's next!

To learn more about TieDye Queen visit her website and be sure to contact her if you have anything special you would like tie-dyed.

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