Guest Blog: Upgrade your Summer Style with "Must Have" products from SHAGBAGG and Lashaholics!

May 15, 2019

Guest Blog: Upgrade your Summer Style with

Upgrade your Summer Style with "Must Have" products from Shag Bagg and Lashaholics

Whether you are heading out to a festival, laying out at the beach, or dancing the night away with your girls -- Lashaholics owner Danielle Coryn and SHAGBAGG owner Nicola Angelos have you covered. From dramatic lashes paired with bold trenches to fun and flirty lashes paired with #allthingstiedye, these #girlpoweredbusinessowners want to make sure you feel all the feels this summer.
So kick back, relax, and #GetShagged with Lashaholic's owner Danielle Coryn. We are proud to feature Danielle on our blog, there's nothing better than talking about your passions and successes (and all the hard work in between) with another #leadinglady. 
If you aren't familiar with Lashaholics (you'll thank us for the intro), Lashaholic Lashes is a luxury false eyelash company that offers a selection of amazing lashes from GLAM to BAM! Their lashes are made from a variety of fibers ranging from synthetic to 100% Siberian Mink while featuring an assortment of styles and thickness to help bring out your inner LASHAHOLIC! (It's important that customers know and understand that the gathering process for the mink lashes is during their natural shedding cycle and is 100% cruelty-free! #allanimalsmatter.
***Not to mention, we wore #lashaholiclashes at #Coachella and these are the real deal.

After we returned from #Coachella we had the ABOLUTE pleasure of catching up with Danielle and learning more about Lashaholics and the #inspo behind it. We are obsessed with this #bosslady who balances being a wife, mother of three, makeup artist, and business owner like a pro. Continue reading to learn more about Danielle and how to create the perfect summer look with a little #lashaholics and #SHAGBAGG collaboration!

NA: What inspired you to create Lashaholics?
DC: I am a Makeup Artist by trade, so I am always keeping up with the latest trends. As I was refilling my kit, I didn't really love the lashes that I had...I kept looking for something that just wasn't there. There were some lashes that were just way too much and then others that just weren't enough. So I looked into the manufacturing process and created my own.
NA: You just woke up one day and decided you would create your own lash brand? How did you do it?
DC: Yes, it's been such a whirlwind I have never stopped to think about it like that. After I began researching what I liked and where I could have it manufactured, I wrote a business plan, created names for my products, set a budget, designed my products and packaging and the rest is history!
NA: What did your husband say?
DC: The first day I told him, he just looked and me and said "okay", he never questioned me or doubted me, I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband turned business partner. He helps me understand that financial side of the business, it is so important to me to have a partner that empowers me and encourages me to be a strong, independent, entrepreneur. #ladyboss
NA: What is your #inspo for your lashes?
DC: My main inspiration comes from doing my clients' makeup, I look at them and think "this person could really use this" or "I really wish I had that " and then I make it! 
NA: Who is your celebrity inspiration?
DC: I love JLO's Makeup Artist Scott Barnes. He is iconic, he keeps it simple and he knows everything about the face to make it a perfect YOU. I love that he's not trying to make you someone your not - he just enhances who you are
NA: What sets Lashaholics apart?
DC: They are very luxurious without taking away from the makeup, they are bold and beautiful and I made them with the intention of enhancing the look not overpowering it. 
NA: What is your personal style?
DC: I am the Perfect Storm - I have so many different styles and I love to put them all together I try to keep it real - my favorite stores to shop at are express and target.
The only thing missing from Danielle's OOTD is a matching #wristlet
NA: So...tell us all about what happened with Lashaholics and Kim Kardashian
DC:  We had been talking with Boxy Charm for close to a year, they wanted a specific box and lash and they wanted it to be representative of Goal Digger - gold and glitzy. I was completely unaware they were partnering with Kim Kardashian. I was out getting ice-cream with my children and it POPPED up on Instagram. My Instagram froze and my followers skyrocketed from 6,000 to 13.7k followers in in a matter of hours. I just kept getting tagged and followed and I had NO IDEA why. Then I received a text from the Account Manager saying " Surprise, we flew out to LA and we are having a partnership with Kim Kardashian."
NA: Tell us your do you do it? You balance 3 kids, a husband, a business, you go tv, and your make up artist!
DC:  I am still trying to figure it out -- I am pulled in so many different directions, it's a lot but amazing, I have such a great balance between work and my kids, I hate not being with them so I bring them to a lot of different things - my husband is super helpful. I also love including the kids in the business, they help fill orders, help with packaging - side note: we do all packaging. fills all of the orders, and handle the website and  marketing ourselves! It's definitely a challenge but I wouldn't change it. My daughter puts the stickers on the packages, my son helps check orders and he's the first set of eyes (obviously we go through and make sure everything is correct 2 or 3 times) It's a dream to be able to share my career goals and passions with my family.

Thank you so much Danielle for letting us into your life and inspiration for Lashaholics! Run don't walk to her website and purchase your luxury lashes today!

Check out our amazing #shagbagg + #lashaholics pairings below

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